Equilibrium Healing Resort, a place to balance mind, body and soul. Jalisco. Mexico


Equilibrium Healing Resort is an intimate resort designed to both relax and heal, it is the ideal destination to balance mind, body and soul. Conceived as a place of digital detox based on contact with nature, vegan foods and therapeutic activities.

We found this accommodation located in the peaceful mountains of the Sierra Madre one hour from the Puerto Vallarta Airport, Jalisco, Mexico.

In this place we find 8 small houses for a maximum of 17 people, each with unique designs, with cozy spaces and with 360 degree views of the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre.

Each house and common area is designed with the purpose of immersing you in nature without losing sight of comfort. In this way Equilibrium is committed to taking care of nature using sustainable energy. The menu is vegan gourmet created with organic ingredients. Its owners are proud to have an intimate Resort where they do not receive more than 16 guests and that is why the attention to each client is more personalized. n a world where you have to be connected every minute, Equilibrium invites guests to afford to disconnect and give themselves the opportunity to be present at the moment In Equilibrium there is no wifi or telephone signal.

In Equilibrium they are mindful of the power of the water element. It has a swimming pool that integrates harmoniously with the environment; and offers hydrotherapy treatments with beneficial relaxation, energization and detoxification. They also have a comforting steam bath.

At the same time they have multiple treatments that we can enjoy for a more than reasonable price: Exfoliation: 30 USD Mud bath: 30 USD Steamroom: 30 USD Relaxing massage: 115 USD Facial massage: 99 USD Tuina massage: 140 USD Acupuncture: 50 USD Foot Massage: 80 USD Craniosacral Massage: 105 USD Suction Cups: 40 USD

The cuisine they offer is gourmet vegan, dishes that present a wide variety of ingredients and simple techniques, always with the option to customize the menus depending on the theme of the retreat (Ayurveda menu, vegetarian etc)

They collaborate with teachers of Hatha yoga, yin yang yoga, Kundalini, ashtanga and various types of meditations, depending on the client’s request.

They are open to receive groups from anywhere in the world who want to make their own retreat.

At the heart of Equilibrium is its Gazeebo Shala, a place of practice of yoga classes with a unique design where energy flows facilitating the connection with the practice and intention that you want to offer. With a capacity for 16 students, group activities are usually carried out in this beautiful space.

This year they have scheduled two magnificent retreats:

Yoga & Life Science with Nathalie Keiller from March 11 to 15, 2020

The Magic of Being Present with Ana Paula Dominguez from March 26 to 29, 2020

The languages ​​in which they can be taught are English and Spanish

Equilibrium was born as the dream of Priscilla (its owner) after having been in a silence retreat in which she had the idea of ​​opening a healing space, and during the next 10 years she managed to gather a work team that has become the Equilibrium family: being its members Sarahí, Mirla, Ana and Kennedy who are in the administrative office responsible for organizing the logistics of the retreats and lodging, and Claire and the maintenance workers who are responsible for maintaining and taking care of the entire space.

If you want to do or organize an intimate and magical retreat in the middle of nature, if you feel like healing your mind, body and soul, this is your place.

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