Osowa Sien Palace. A fairytale castle. Poland.


A fairytale castle surrounded by nature where making a retreat can be the most magical thing you do in your life.

Osowa Sien Palace is located in the rural province of Lubusz. To get there you can fly to the airports of Wroclaw or Poznan (both are about 60 minutes from the castle). From the airport you can rent a car to get there or the castle hosts can arrange buses or taxis on request.

They have 12 spacious suites of 30-55 square meters that are suitable for both 1 and 4 people, all with central heating and underfloor heating. The design of each suite provides for all the needs of any traveler, space to relax completely, all with an aesthetic influenced by the history and charms of the castle.

In addition to the 12 suites, the castle has 3 charming rooms that share a bathroom in the hallway with the water of the shower coming from the rain, with a SPA of 2 x 2 meters a few steps from these.

There is the possibility of renting exclusively the entirety of this beautiful fairytale castle and its 4 hectares of wooded farm, without being shared with any other group.

They also have a yoga and meditation room of 85 square meters overlooking the gardens through 5 large windows of 350 cm. The yoga room is suitable for up to 35 practitioners. If you want to practice outside you have a large garden with beautiful natural views.

In addition to the magnificent suites, rooms, yoga room and outdoor garden for practice, the castle offers many amenities that favor relaxation and self-care.

Among them we can highlight:

A uniquely finished sauna, a walk-in rain shower, natural aromatherapy and a handmade wicker lounge. 4 hectares of garden with terrace, a stately kitchen with access to the living room and dining room.

For the cold months, we find a large fireplace in the living room to relax and cast iron stoves, outside, there is the possibility of making a bonfire outdoors, always on request.

They also have a private dining room with capacity for 36 people for group meals.

They have a cinema room with seating where you can screen 4K movies or you can do all kinds of workshops. If you come with your group you have a kitchen of 65mts2. In the castle tower, a games room and mini-lounges with a radial view of the surroundings. A wine cellar with tasting room and a beer tasting tavern. Numerous reading rooms. High speed Wifi. It is evident that this is a more than unique place, a true luxury!

The castle features a Finnish sauna and a spa area with a wicker lounge and massage table. In addition they have a massage menu available on request for groups (39 o/hour).

Most guests at Osowa Sien Palace love stately cuisine and direct farm-to-table dining. If you want an independent stay you can stock the kitchen with a supply of produce from local farms, a wide variety of cheeses, butters, fresh milk, local preserves, fresh fish from the lakes near the castle, as well as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, sweets…… endless list of products from sustainable agriculture. All this always, according to the season. And previously hired.

On the contrary, if the group prefers a stay with service, breakfast is available for 9 euros per person per day. Lunch and dinner (entrance, main course, dessert) from 17.50 euros per person, per day, and themed evenings (i.e. a special dinner on the terrace with special dishes) from 25 euros per person, per day.

We are not only facing an impressive castle, surrounded and defined by the natural environment. In addition, their hosts are young and passionate, they give anyone who stays in the castle an intimate stay tailored to each guest.

Jamie and Matty were raised in Canada but both have Greek and Polish backgrounds respectively. They spent years working at the forefront of major restaurants, learning from some of the best boutique properties in Europe and North America, known for their natural environments, direct farm-to-table food and slow-living culture. That whole experience was an inspiration to them and led them to create their own concept of intimate retreats for discerning travelers looking for a unique and inspiring place to relax and regenerate.

If you want to make or organize a fairytale retreat in an impressive castle with amazing amenities, this is your place.

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